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Mama. Your 6-week post-natal check up is the bare minimum. 

Dr. Danielle and Dr. Sullivan are highly trained in pre and post-natal care to ensure that you are feeling comfortable and confident in your journey and recovery. We offer pre and post natal assessments and treatment as your body changes. In addition, Dr. Danielle is a GrowCo post partum rehab specialist and provides online rehab classes for mamas like yourself.


Your body has undergone tremendous changes and stress, regardless if your delivery type. It is crucial that your core and pelvic floor muscle functions are restored. 

If you have had a child some time ago, you may still be in need of restoring your core and pelvic floor. In some women the muscle function is restored quickly following delivery, but in others the dysfunction persists. This may show up as recurring back pain, leaking from your bladder when jumping or sneezing, or a persistent separation of your abdominal muscles. 

Postpartum is not just immediately after birth!

A GrowCo practitioner can help women of all ages dealing with low back pain, core dysfunction, pelvic pain, incontinence and more!

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This program can be covered by your extended health care benefits, and is tax exempt. Contact for details.