I can honestly say that The Beaches Health Group can assess your needs and then facilitate the requirements necessary to achieve a prosperous and healthy new you!
— Michael Ferrer, B.A., B.Ed. 2011 Canadian National Bodybuilding Overall Classic Champion

My whole body was out of whack. I had gone to different chiropractors before but wasn’t helped. With adjustments I have received from Kelly I have felt mentally and physically better.

Recently I had vertigo and someone suggested that a chiropractor could help. After just two treatments on my neck I was cured. The Vertigo is completely gone. I can keep food down. I am sleeping and eating better. My life overall is better.
— David Lewis February 2015

I have suffered with debilitating, migraine headaches since my late teen years. There is basically no medication that seems to help this condition and the only relief I would have had in the past came in the form of “sleeping it off”. The headaches would often last days at a time.

I had seen a chiropractor when I was eighteen years old, seeking help for a back injury I sustained while skiing. His method of treatment was incredibly passive, and there was no evidence and there was no evidence of relief for my back pain. Combined with his insistence that I continue to return frequently, this prove to be a total disappointment an led to my feeling that the practice of chiropractic was completely devoid of any value to the patient.

I met Dr. Kelly Robazza from Beaches Health Group as a fellow member at my athletic club and prior to that, had been visiting his RMT, Zabiullah Khaliki for therapeutic massage. As a result of a serious fall, I contacted Zabiullah who recommended an x-ray for my badly injured elbow. Dr Kelly performed the x-ray and began treating my elbow with laser therapy and my other injuries with massage, suggesting that I also consider the typical chiropractic adjustments. I explained my trepidation around this method, based on my past experience and the doctor didn’t “push it”, instead continuing to use other massage –related techniques.

When I indicated that I also suffer from migraines, Dr Kelly suggested again that I consider the potential benefit of the traditional chiropractic method of adjusting my neck.

Unlike the lack of trust that had developed around the practice, I felt immediately at ease with Dr. Robazza ‘s careful demeanor and I allowed him to begin the adjustments.

This experience has proven to be a complete epiphany for me with regard to my overall health and feeling of well- being. As Dr Kelly began to treat me, I felt immediate, positive changes in my health. I have not had a migraine or any headache in six months. More significantly, I feel more relaxed emotionally, yet physically energized. My sleep habits have improved significantly and I have been inspired by this experience to exercise more and experiment with other “wellness” related initiatives.

Dr. Robazza ‘s straightforward, intelligent professionalism extends through his entire team at The Beaches Health Group. Each individual I have encountered (from receptionist to Rmt to Physiotherapist has been pleasant, helpful and shown appropriate skill and attention to detail in treating my injuries and offering advice and follow- up.

I will continue to recommend chiropractic to anyone requiring assistance, especially for migraine headaches, based on my dramatic, immediate results. However, as in my situation, not all practitioners will be will be as thorough or skillful as Dr Robazza; I am extremely grateful to continue to be treated by him and his team and would encourage anyone to patronize his clinic for relief, prevention and continued healthful well-being.
— Jennifer Sharp