Taking your fitness and health seriously starts with a personal training program and dedication. Our registered, experienced personal trainers are available for one-on-one supervised exercise programs. Programs are designed to focus on strength, flexibility, cardio or as an integrated part of our "My Health Goal Program"





Regular exercise at a moderate intensity is especially important for pre-natal women.  Target exercises will help to decrease uncomfortable symptoms during pregnancy, increase muscular strength to facilitate labor, and enhance the baby’s cardiovascular integrity in preparation for delivery.  At Beaches Health Group, your certified pre – natal & post – natal fitness specialist will develop a customized workout plan to ensure a healthy delivery, decreased side-effects and a quick return to pre-pregnancy weight.  Please call to schedule a time for your free initial assessment and / or register for group fitness.

Regardless if your in shape or have work to do, our personal fitness evaluations will help you determine what to focus your efforts on.

Our personal training staff will conduct a series of testing exercises to determine your areas of strength and weakness.  When combined with our one-on-one personal training sessions, we can help you achieve your desired health goals.

Ready to reach your personal fitness goals?  Eager to build some strength and prevent future injuries?  A one-on-one trainer and personal training session is exactly what you need.

Courtney Benedict, our Certified Personal Trainer, will build a customized training that begins with a fitness assessment.  Should you be in need of a “sport specific” plan, Courtney and our team can provide training plans for hockey, golf, running, skiing and more.

After progressing through the acute stage of an injury in the first 3-6 weeks, the next step is an active injury rehabilitation (injury rehab) program focused on conditioning all muscle tissues and range of motion affected by the injury.  At Beaches Health Group, the certified resistance training specialist will structure and implement a progressive conditioning program that will assure a safe recovery to your active lifestyle. Please call to schedule a time for your free initial assessment and / or register for group fitness.