To have a healthy body, it is essential to feed your body healthy foods, and it is equally important to exercise. Healthy foods are whole foods or foods that grow from theground. Whole foods are vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Packaged foods, such as chips, candy bars and potato chips, are not whole foods. They are known as “junk food.” These types of foods are not considered to be natural because they’ve been modified and stripped of their nutrients. Whole foods, on the other hand, are packed with nutrients that the body needs to function properly. Such nutrients are vitamins and minerals. Whole foods are also lower in calories, so you won’t gain weight when it is eaten in moderation. To obtain a healthy body, it is important to exercise.

You may be wondering how exercise helps the body stay healthy. Exercise helps the body in many ways, but we’ll focus on three ways it can help the body stay healthy.

1.  Exercise helps you have a stronger heart, it helps keep your body energized and can help your body maintain a healthy weight. Exercise helps the heart because when you do activities that require energy such as jumping, running or even by walking fast the heart works harder to pump blood throughout the body.

2.  Exercise enables the heart to become stronger and more efficient. Having a heart that is stronge aides in your over all health. When the heart pumps blood to the whole body it is sending oxygen to the whole body because our blood carries oxygen. The oxygen thus help create energy in all the cells in your body. As a result you’ll have healthy cells which leads to healthy organs and a healthy body. When you exercise your less likely to become frequently fatigued, you’ll become more alert at work and in daily activities. People who exercise are also less likely to become depress. Another great benefit of exercising is the fact that it can help you maintain or get to a healthy weight. Many children and adults suffer from obesity. You can find out if your obese by taking a look at the BMI or body mass index chart. This chart compares your height to your weight. For your height there is a weight range that you should fall in. If you are below that range, your considered under weight, (that’s unhealthy) and if you are above that range then your obese. Obesity can cause many health problems such as cardiovascular problems, respiratory problems, diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure. All these problems can be fatal.

3.  Exercise can treat and even cure obesity. Children and adults who exercise regularly lose weight because they use up the energy they’ve taken in. To understand, you must see food as an energy fuel. When we eat we take in energy but with todays unhealthy diet people end up taking in more energy than they need. Overtime, energy that is not utilized through exercise is stored up as fat. Fat accumulates overtime until one is obese. You can prevent obesity from happening to you by eating whole foods, as mentioned before, and by having a regular exercise program. You don’t have to have a gym membership; all you need to do is choose any physical activity you like. Perhaps you can dance or a play a sport.