A massage is one of the best ways to de-stress, relax and stay healthy. However, in order for you to reap all of the benefits the art of massage therapy has to offer, you have to be prepared for each session by turning off the phone and giving yourself uninterrupted time for relaxation.

Your therapist might very well be the best in town, but the results of your appointment are not in their hands alone. After all, as soon as you arrive to your appointment, you are on your own dime and you want to leave feeling like it was worth every penny. And it will, so long as you are able to relax and feel comfortable the minute your session begins.

To help you make the very most of your massage appointments, we want to share these 10 helpful tips with you.

1. Show up to your appointment on time. Showing up late will cause you stress, you’ll be in a frenzied state, and it will make it that much harder for you to start relaxing and enjoying.

2. Give yourself time to digest your meal. Avoid eating right before your appointment.

3. Give yourself uninterrupted time. Turn off the cell phone and clear your mind from the day’s troubles. Give your full attention to the massage as soon as it begins.

4. Be open and honest with your therapist. If it’s too hot or cold in the room, if you want more privacy, or if they are applying too much pressure for your level of comfort, let them know. Every patient  has different preferences and therapists are usually really good at accommodating for people. Again you’re on your dime!

5. Give them specific areas to work on. If you are experiencing any kind of discomfort whatsoever, open up and voice those concerns even if they don’t make sense to you. The incredible human body is connect in more ways that you might think!

6. Concentrate on their hands. If you find your mind racing and you can’t seem to get it to slow down, one helpful suggestion is to try focusing on the therapist’s hands and their movement.

7. Don’t feel embarrassed. Massage therapists pay no attention to body weight or back hair. As long as you practice good hygiene (shower regularly with good old warm water and soap) nothing else will bother them.

8. Take your time getting up. You may find yourself feeling slightly dizzy or light headed after a massage. Take your time a

9. Drink plenty of water afterwards. Drinking water is always good, but drinking water after a massage is especially good. It helps your body get rid of substances released by the muscles during the massage.

10. Schedule more appointments. The therapeutic effects of massage takes time. The more regular your massage appointments, the better you will feel and the better your body will respond to them.

Schedule a massage appointment today with Beaches Health Group so you can start feeling the power of its cumulative effects. If you have any additional tips, please let us know in the comments below! We always look forward to reading them.