Beaches Health Group Welcomes Lora Schneider To Our Team

Lora is a passionate and experienced personal trainer, group class instructor, holistic nutritionist, and has completed a post graduate program in workplace wellness and health promotion.  She creates safe, effective and individualized workout programs that are results oriented.  She is always full of useful and practical nutrition tips, and offers nutrition consultations, that come complete with meal and supplement plans.

Her specialties include:  Fat loss, weight loss, building lean muscle mass, as well as older adult fitness (50+).  Her workouts are never boring and she switches up exercise programs every few weeks in order to challenge the body in new ways!  In the past she has led a variety of different fitness and nutrition programs:  Boot camps, senior strength training, healthy eating, and weight loss challenges.  She is also an experienced workshop leader, having led wellness workshops at country clubs, gyms, churches, businesses, and for the Toronto Police Service.

It is guaranteed that if you commit to her weight training, cardio and clean eating plan for a consistent 3 months, you will get the results you are looking for.  You will also feel confident about your food and exercise choices from now on!  Yourself, as well as your whole family will benefit from a new healthy lifestyle and new found knowledge!

Get yourself started.  Contact Lora today!

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